201711 Monthly Poem



Summer time has ended, autumn has nearly gone

Winter's fast approaching and overcoats we don,

But November is a 'funny' month, looking back and front

Remembering the times of war when Britain bore the brunt,


Crowds throughout our native land stand silently and think

Of what our country would be like if from Valour we did shrink,

Poppies worn in Remembrance, old soldiers brush back tears

So in November we look back and resurrect our fears.


As December soon approaches a different mood effaces

And people with large trollies hold supermarket races!

Orders placed on internet, adverts on the telly

Never mind the cold and rain, just put on your wellies.


Christmas is getting nearer, for which we must prepare

Order turkey, buy the pressies or else we will despair,

Bustling, shouting, rushing, oh the perfect pain

Hopefully by the 25th we may remember once again.



Paul Scrivener