Monthly Poem




The pond was calm and tranquil

Hardly a breath of air,

When suddenly I spotted

A dragonfly hovering there.


So beautiful those fragile wings

A body of apple green,

He certainly was, in my eyes,

The best I'd ever seen.


Then it got me thinking

About the life below,

And how these wondrous insects

Knew that they would grow.


From the eggs which had been laid

Small grubs soon emerged,

And for two years grew – unless devoured

Until they felt the urge.


They said farewell to all their friends

And promised to return,

The pleas to st+ay they must ignore

The challenge they must spurn.


Slowly now they made their way

Climbing a nearby read,

And there they rested for a while

Awaiting the next deed.


Suddenly, the outer skin

Began to split and swell,

And from the shell of those small bugs

A new life began to tell.


A beautiful dragonfly emerged

A new life would now begin,

Gossamer wings start to unfurl

A tail shines green like satin.


I like to think there's a story here

For when we live below

We try to work together

That is the way we grow.


But when our time has come at last

We climb to higher realms,

From where nobody has returned

And glory overwhelms

We know not what the future holds

But believe we will attain

Life's high reward in heaven above

A glorious new domain.




Paul Scrivener