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Monday 2nd March 202011:30Funeral of Marina Watkins (Torselli)
Friday 6th March 202016:30TWiG
Group for 5-9 year olds and parents, carers and siblings at the Village Hall.
Wednesday 11th March 202014:45School Easter Music rehearsals
At Westoning Lower School.
Saturday 14th March 202014:00Church Jumble Sale
At Westoning Village Hall. Entrance is 50p. For further information, please contact Joyce 01525 752 747
Sunday 15th March 202009:15Service with a Smile
A 45 minute service where we show our worship through singing and words but also through craft activities. Designed for the young at heart! You'll be made very welcome.
Sunday 22nd March 202019:00Light a Candle
On Sunday at 7pm we are being asked to show solidarity with others across the nation, by putting a lit candle in our windows that the light of Jesus Christ might shine out to all around, offering, as He does, an eternal hope. Please join us in doing this.
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