25th October 2020

Dear All

We hope you have had a good week, with opportunity to enjoy the changing autumnal colours as the leaves' beautiful hues draw us towards the changing seasons.  This week we had the privilege of leading an assembly at Parkfields school on Tuesday, after which Linda joined a walk from Chalgrave to Toddington with the youth group, led by Rebecca in which 'we stopped to listen to the sounds around us and paused to reflect on the countryside landmarks.' How soon the light drops from light to darkness just before 7pm.  But the clocks go back an hour at 2am tomorrow so the light will shine for a little longer in our days.

In these changing seasons we approach the season of Remembrance.  Next Sunday (1 November) on All Saints Day we will offer 'In Loving Memory' services to remember loved ones who have died - a time with opportunity to step aside from the busyness of life, to reflect and to remember.  Four churches will offer this service next week (1st November):

Westoning Church 11am and 3pm

Harlington Church 5pm

Toddington Church 4.30pm

Chalgrave Church 2.30pm

Tingrith Church offers a combined 'In Loving Memory' service and Remembrance service the following Sunday 8th November at 9.30am.

If you would like to register the name of a loved one to be remembered please contact:

Linda for Toddington and Chalgrave, 

Linda or Nigel for Harlington and 

Nigel for Westoning and Tingrith.

There will also be the usual morning services next week (1 November) at:

Toddington Church 11.15am

Harlington Church 9.30am

Westoning Church 11am (In Loving Memory)

This Sunday's services 25 October 2020, 'Bible Sunday' are as follows:

Harlington Church 9.30am Holy Communion

Tingrith Church 9.30am Holy Communion

Westoning Church 11am Holy Communion

Toddington Church 11.15am Holy Communion

Chalgrave Church 2.30pm Afternoon Praise and Worship followed by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) 3pm

Upper Room by Zoom on Sunday at 6pm has the theme of 'Thou my Best Thought'. Please ask for details. 

This week's Recorded Service 


This week's services and events:

Monday: Toddington Church Morning Prayer 9.30am

Tuesday: Morning Prayer by Zoom 9.30am (please request access link from Linda)


Harlington 10am Holy Communion.    

Westoning 12 noon: Private Prayer for an hour

Thursday: Toddington Morning Prayer 9.30am

Please note because of our late commitments the `Upper Room Service next Sunday (1st November) will be at the later time of 7pm

We wish you a very happy week. Please keep safe.

God bless

Linda and Nigel